Jewels of the orient


In order to fully enjoy a game of Jewels of the Orient you should first learn its betting limitations, possible rewards and symbols. The object is on all three ladies representing the five most noted Asian countries. The minimum amount that can be wagered on this game is generally $1.80 while the highest is almost forty dollars. The actual value of the jewels that are put up for wagers is also very considerable and thus it makes the game all the more interesting. One will get to see the different symbols represented by the jewels, these symbols form an important background in this game.

Jewels of the Orient slot machine also has the feature of having the actual oriental coins in the background which look very real. Some of these coins are of actual gold coins while others are silver or copper coins. These coins are generally used to pay winning combinations which are based on random selection. The casinos that have this slot machine have changed the taglines for this casino game, but the standard ones remain.

There are two versions of this game; one is a video slot and the other one is a land-based version. In the video slot game, players use actual money to place their bets and the actual game takes place on a Video Slot machine. However, the land-based game is an actual game which can be played by betters who use real money to bet on the specific symbols in the paylines. It is worth noting that there are several differences between the video slot and the actual game of jewels. It is therefore important to first determine whether you would like to play the game before you decide on the type that you want to bet on.

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