Super diamond wild


Super Diamond Wild slots is a new release in the world of slots and it is not a re-release of an old slot machine. This casino game is based on the hit movie of the same name and the main character which are called “The Rock” has a full colored casino room, complete with lighted walls and a large screen. The casino game is set up so that the first person to get their hands on a red or green gem will win a big jackpot. If you are lucky enough to hit that jackpot then your prizes will include an airplane and a luxury cruise. If you do hit the jackpot then you can expect to walk away with a little over one million dollars.

In Super Diamond Wild there are many different slots that you can play and you can move up or down through the slots and try different combinations. Slots that are found on this machine are labeled with letters A through L and these reels all have a unique set of symbols on them. When you place your bet on one of these symbols, you will use a specific pattern to let the slot machine know what kind of symbols you are choosing. When you place your bet, you will need to choose either a letter or number that you think will represent the symbol you have chosen.

On each of the three reels there is a symbol that can be picked off of a chalkboard and the same sequence of letters or numbers will need to be repeated in order to gain a prize. Once you have won on a single symbol then you will be sent to the next reel in line until the jackpot is won. If you win on all of the symbols on the second, third, and fourth reels then your reward will be a million dollars. To place your bet on any of the reels, you should first pull a string and choose the symbol you want to play on the corresponding reel. After you have done this you will need to tell the slot machine what you would like it to do by pressing the corresponding button on the key pad.

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